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    Direct Express offers the ultimate in dispatch administration and shipment tracking capabilities, through our Datatrac operating system. Allowing for streamlined order entry, and accelerated flow through to dispatch, this state of the art technology ensures your order is completed as planned and on time. See below for more details.

    Streamlined Order Entry

    With just your account number, our Datatrac automated dispatch system identifies your information profile including common delivery addresses, special notes or instructions, and shipment history. This helps to ensure the customer service representative you are speaking with collects the right details in a timely and accurate manner. Our system logs the date and time a job is called in and assigns a control number to avoid duplication between different orders. Further, if you have internal Bill of Lading numbers you want assigned for tracking and tracing purposes, let us know and we will take care of it. The result? You spend less time ordering our service and more time building your business.

    Customized Billing

    Whatever your accounting needs may be, we have the answer. We can bill and record activity weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Our computerized invoices provide detailed pick-up, delivery & rate information for each order. Want your division or department seperated and analyzed? It's no problem with Datatrac and Direct Express.


    Datatrac allows for the instantaneous transfer of all pertinent details regarding your delivery request from the CSR computer to our dispatch screens. A vast amount of information is available to our dispatch's fingertips to assist them in better managing your orders. With the touch of a key, pop-up windows make information such as special instructions, order notes, driver availability, and delivery deadline times available. Our color coded screen display provides order updates at a glance and allows our dispatch to efficiently manage delivery timelines.

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